1. Price it right. Pay close attention to what other similar homes are currently selling for and know the market data for your neighborhood. Be flexible and willing to compromise in this tough economy.

2. Be aware of the assetts you have. For example energy effcient upgrades, and new appliances will raise the value of your home.

3. Give your house curb appeal by landscaping and keeping up the yard. 

4. Keep your house looking clean and tidy. People are often very visual and every single aspect of your home will make an impression upon potential buyers. 

5. Remove any noticiable odors.

6. De-personalize everything. Your goal is to create a connection between your home and the people seeing it. The less "you" your house appears to be the more potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in your home.

7. Fix any major issues you know of that need to be fixed before putting your house on the market. Plumbing is a biggie.

8. Don't be home while your agent shows the house. All of us greatly want our homes to sell and for other people to love them the way we do, but your lingering and chatting with customers draws attention away from the agent, and his/her objectivity that is needed to sell a house.  

9. Network by telling everybody you know or have acquaintence with that your home is for sale.

10. Hire the right agent. Taking the time to find the right agent to sell your home makes a big difference. Someone who knows your area and has expertise in home sales is crucial.