My office is located near a neighborhood of older, smaller homes.  Despite this, some of the houses are well maintained with good (not expensive) landscaping that imparts an air of "we care" about the house.  Unfortunately, too many of the houses have weeds, kids toys and other debris in the front yard, peeled paint on the fascia and trim and other evidence of an ill-kempt nature.  All the work the owners of the well maintained homes put into those homes is counteracted by those other, and often more numerous, houses, so the value of all the houses plummets.  Is it so hard to pick up the toys and debris, pull the weeds or slap a little paint on the walls and trim?  Is it so expensive, as compared to the loss in value?  Is there not help available from the city/county or private organizations (I see Charter has a commercial that its employees periodically do clean up and repairs for low income people)?  I'm not into a punitive approach, such as appealing to the City/County for code enforcement.  What I am asking for is a little elbow grease, a little pride that you own or even rent a house that looks good and functions well for the occupants.  On a personal note, my parents went through the Depression (telling you how old I am, aren't I?), and while my father was serving in the Navy during WWII, were living in a converted chicken house during the freezing winter.  Despite that, they kept up the house as best they could, because they believed that their home was their castle, no matter how humble.  That is the spirit that has made us all strive for the best.  Let's do it for our neighborhoods, so we all benefit.