For several years, I have been a Premier Agent for a number of listing aggregators and websites that publish my name and contact information for prospective buyers to call when they want more information about a house that interests them.  This is a great opportunity for those prospects and I to get together to share information, so for the most part the money I spend for that advertising is good for everyone.  There is a problem though, when those prospects who are already working with a Realtor click on the link to ask me (or another Premier Agent) the questions they really would like to have answered.  If their Realtor had been a Premier Agent, I'm sure they would have asked that Realtor.  Oftentimes, they are not, so in this most recent case, my Sunday was taken up with a prospect who had no intention of buying from me when she asked me to schedule a showing appointment for the following day.  Guess I forgot to ask her whether she was already working with another Realtor, so it's not her fault.  Still, I think a little etiquette is called for on the part of home seekers.  If you are working with a Realtor, ask that Realtor for information on the house in question, even if you think he/she is busy, taking the day off, or is otherwise unavailable.  Please do not assume that the agent on which you have clicked is the listing agent for that house.  For many years, and certainly now, Realtors are not paid for their time.  They are paid for closed deals.  Period.  Buyers should ask themselves whether they would work for free.  If not, please have some consideration for the Realtor, who is hard-wired to help in any way possible, and who cannot stay in business if he/she spends time following up with someone who has no intention of working with them.  It is your Realtor's main job to be available to you at all times, and if they are not, simply switch. You are all nice people.  Please be nice and stay exclusive to who you chose to represent you with your home purchase, and it will pay off for all parties in the long run.