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"How can I stop the bank from taking my house?"


     Simply put, you can’t. You can however attempt to short sale it for less than it is worth and get out from under the mounting debt and ruined credit score that looms over you. Contrary to how it sounds a short sale in real estate is not a short quick process. It is however a viable alternative to foreclosure, that if done right will lessen the damage to your credit score, and potentially give you the eligibility to buy another home in just two years, instead of  the five to seven years stated by Fannie Mae.

     While, there is no guarantee that your bank will agree to short sale your home, I can tell you that banks also benefit from short sales because it saves them money, it takes the bad debt off of their books, and it frees up the money that they lost on your home loan to be invested in another customer.

     Last June a global settlement was reached between the US Department of Justice, the state attorneys general, and our nation's largest lenders that will make it even easier for distressed homeowners to short sale. Banks will now offer financial assistance, loan modification, and relocation assistance to those who qualify.


Banks can even offer relocation assistance to you if you qualify!


Here are 5 more good reasons to short sale:


1.  You will no longer have to pay your mortgage each month

2.  You can  prevent bankruptcy and not  have to pay any unpaid liens on your home

3.  You can become elegible to buy another home in just two years and as long as your credit score doesn't show a 60  day plus late pay, you can buy another home immediately!

4.  You can avoid having to pay taxes on the unpaid portion of your home loan.

5.  You will not suffer the stigma of the word “foreclosure” in your day to day life.


      Relieve the stress that the bank has imposed upon you and your family and start applying to short sale your home with us today.



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