Real Estate Agents come in all shapes, sizes, colors, level of commitment, friendliness, persistence and experience, but we all share the same business model:  We do not get paid until a deal closes.  When a prospective client comes to us, we, or at least I, will do everything possible to answer that client’s questions, give him/her the benefit of our/my experience and knowledge concerning the market.  Once we have established an agency relationship, our/my job begins to find properties that meet the client’s needs or to provide statistics to help that client find a value for their home and sell it at the highest price possible.  Depending on the uniqueness of the home or the area in which it is located, this can take considerable work.  We/I cannot manufacture listings that meet the client’s needs or provide evidence that the value the client believes he/she can achieve is valid.  Asking one agent after another for “hidden” listings that validate the client’s beliefs is frustrating for both the agents and the client.  Going to the internet sites that show what appear to be available, like Zillow,, Redfin, etc., may or may not yield listings that are actually available for the client to see.  Those sites will also show photos and contact information for three or four agents “associated” with that property.  Those agents have purchased “impressions” or “leads” from these sites and, except in relatively rare instances, are not the listing agent.  Thus, if the client already has an agent but cannot reach that agent, calling or clicking on the information for an agent on the site is a waste of the client’s and agent’s time.  If the client is frustrated with their agent’s non-responsiveness, by all means contact another agent and, if the client likes the better responsiveness of that agent, switch.  If it is only a momentary frustration with the client’s current agent, stay with that current agent.  Speaking for myself, I am tired of being disturbed at a meal, entertainment venue, vacation (rare though that may be), late at night when I would rather go to sleep, only to discover that the prospect is only looking for immediate answers to their questions because they cannot get to their own agent.  Most people have only the best of intentions and only want to get information immediately, which is the promise of the internet.  Please just understand that there are real people involved in getting that information to you, and we are not an algorithm.