Opportunity is knocking!


        Did you know that your opportunity to buy a home is at an all time high right now? When you consider today’s very low interest rates and the rock bottom prices of houses here in Northern Nevada, it’s obvious that now is the time to buy.

        Before this recession started, many people rented houses because they could not afford to buy or make a down payment, but with Nevada’s really high foreclosure rate, renting is on the rise — and so are rental rates.  It will actually cost you less to own right now in Northern Nevada then it will to rent. Why not have your monthly rent payments go toward owning your own home with a potential tax write off instead of vanishing each month?

        It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for your starter home, an investment property, a place to retire, or you wish to upsize/downsize your home, there are many reasons to take action — and they won’t last forever.  

Opportunity is knocking, turn today’s real estate market to your advantage, and get the deal of a lifetime!


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