I was watching a segment of the National Real Estate Post this morning, making the case for building smaller, smarter homes and making them affordable for low and middle income families.  Among the problems with making this a reality was a discussion of regulation and developer fees, making the profit margin much smaller and less attractive to builders as opposed to the typical McMansions they prefer to build and sell.  We are facing a conundrum here in Northern Nevada, because of the influx of people to this area and the lack (or so we understand) of developer fees for the building of new schools. We are fairly sparsely populated (maybe 400,000 people), and the school district has been putting off building new schools and making repairs, presumably because of lack of funds. Arguments about how their money is spent spring eternal, but now we are being asked to approve a sales tax hike (after the Legislature enacted a huge Commerce Tax, ostensibly to fund schools just last year). The question becomes: Who should pay for the new schools? We need the new housing, shouldn't developer fees be a source? Don't know what they use those developer fees for now, but let's start a discussion.