Cooperation among agents is the hallmark of traditional real estate sales.  Unless an agent represents both Buyer and Seller, one agent will represent the Buyer and the other the Seller.  Each has his/her own fiduciary and other duties to his/her client, but what of each agent’s duty to act expeditiously and responsively for the other agent so each can do his/her job?  But what happens when the listing or buyer’s agent doesn’t respond, doesn’t do his/her job as quickly as one would expect?  Unless the other agent is able to overcome that hurdle, it can mean the end of the deal, to the detriment of all parties.  How often does that happen?  More times than you would expect.  Hey, we’re all busy, serving multiple clients and wearing multiple hats.  But let’s make the job easier by responding quickly.  I make it a point to do so, and even when the other agent doesn’t work with the same intensity as I perceive myself to do, I may get a few more grey hairs, but I’ll do everything possible to make the deal go smoothly and close on time.