Several of my Sellers, and not a few of other agents’ Sellers, have been reluctant to enter into transactions with VA borrowers, because of the perceived difficulty in getting those loans closed.  They fear that the house will not pass muster with the VA appraiser, and repairs will be costly and closings long delayed.  The largest hurdle has been the scheduling of the appraisal.  Not all appraisers can meet the stringent requirements of the VA, so VA appraisers are quite busy.  Delays can take weeks.  And that is true in many cases.  However, last week the appraiser did his inspection within one week of final acceptance of the offer.  My buyer clients were delighted, and the Seller much relieved.  Guess it depends on the lender who orders it, how quickly the buyers get their loan package completed, how well the listing and selling agents can cooperate with each other, how quickly the title company can get title information out to the lender and, of course, the appraiser’s schedule.  Miracles can happen.  Maybe miracles don’t always happen, but VA loans are not as difficult to get funded as many Sellers fear.  Let’s reassure our Sellers so our veterans can buy the home of their dreams.