The key to working with people is to respect their time and motivation and get back to them as soon as possible, no matter how busy we are. This is true in our personal relations and especially in business. We spend a lot of time and money burnishing our reputations, marketing to expose ourselves to the most people possible. But all of that is for naught if we fail to establish and maintain communication with our clients and the other people involved with the transaction, i.e., the other agent, the escrow officer, the inspector, the home warranty company, etc. We have many modes of communication that are open to us, and we need to ascertain which method(s) are most desired by those participants, and stick to it. I can’t tell you the frustration I experience when another agent does not get back to me timely, and often that frustration is shared by the client. Recently, clients chose me as their buyers’ agent when the listing agent for their home failed to communicate with them timely. This is a stressful time for clients, and we are the point of contact for them. It is incumbent on us to do everything possible to mitigate that stress. Be available! Pick up the phone, even if just to text or e-mail, and contact them!